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I'm Jesska:-) Romani traveller and proud. pot smoking dirt worshiping free-living pantheist. solitary eclectic pagan. obsessed with indian take aways, cups of tea, spirituality, the occult, astronomy, the earth, serial killers, psychology, gore, history, horror, the macabre, witchcraft, the moon, fashion, music, space, and philosophy. The only thing you should worry about is whether you are living your life as freely and happily as you can.
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if a guy asks you what do you like about his dick what are you meant to say? I mean really, what is there to like about a dick? the fact if you draw eyes above it it will look like a muddy elephant? seriously, what?? 

(Source: ufo-club)

13 notes
  1. amazingalexander answered: Just don’t under any circumstances laugh at it when you see it.
  2. naughty-catbug answered: "Oh hey, really enjoy the shriveled skin and its giant pulsing veins". There is NOTHING attractive about pork swords.
  3. planetpeperoni answered: it’s big!? or “it fits your body” LOL
  4. motherfrickers answered: tell him it’s like an elephant, he’ll think you’re saying it’s huge
  5. saint-ill answered: omfg x)
  6. a-day-tofucking-remember answered: girth, length, and (if you’ve fucked it) It hits all the right places
  7. hypnoticvibes answered: LOL what
  8. fuckskankseatnutella answered: say that it tastes really good and/or it’s big and it makes you want to suck it .. or something lol
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